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Launch a Fun Worm Business Selling Starter Cultures!

The Ugly Truth About Worm Farming

Lots of people get excited about the idea of starting their own worm farming business when they see how quickly these worms reproduce, and the way they turn "garbage" into one of the most highly-regarded, all-natural plant fertilizers on the planet.

But it's not all fun and games once they realize just how challenging this type of business can be!

The ugly truth is that...

  • Effectively growing "pounds" of worms - especially with limited space - requires specialized knowledge, skills & resources.

  • Producing enough worm castings at any sort of "professional" level requires even more space, start-up capital, and specialized knowledge/skills.

  • Actually attempting to accomplish both (like many do) when just starting out is even more of an uphill battle.

  • And even when people do manage to get one or both of these right, actually drumming up sales is a lot more challenging than most people realize.

There is of course an alternative...

Selling Starter Cultures (AKA "Worm Mix")

Near the end of my second season (back in 2009) - after nearly driving myself into the ground trying to run a small worm business the "normal" way - I hit on the idea of selling Red Worm starter cultures - what I refer to as "Worm Mix" - instead.

It was a total game-changer!

I was able to provide customers with a much more natural product that was fantastic for starting up a home worm bin, and it cost them less money!

Why Worm Mix is "Win/Win/Win"

How The Customer Wins

  • Easier Start-Up - All they have to do is add the Worm Mix to their bin along with some bedding and a little food, and away they go!

  • Fewer Headaches - Worm Mix is like a self-contained vermicomposting ecosystem that's ready to go. The worms need less time to adjust to their new environment, and it is much less likely that other common new-bin-hassles will crop up.

  • Faster Population Growth - More natural densities of worms (of all ages) + cocoons means much greater chance of a population explosion in the new system.

  • Less Expensive - A Worm Mix will often be less expensive than buying a pound (or more) of worms, encouraging even more people to give worm composting a try!

How The Worm Farmer Wins

  • Easier Production - The "Worm Mix Batch" approach is much more of a set-it-and-forget-it worm farming strategy, freeing up a lot more of your time! With the right containers it can also take up relatively little space.

  • Less Expense & Risk - You don't need huge quantities of worms or fancy foods and specialized equipmet to get started. Large die-offs, and financial loss in general, are far less likely.

  • Far Fewer Hassles - Since it is much more of a natural, hands-off approach, there are fewer pest issues, worm health concerns, or customer issues to contend with. Worm Mix also ships like a dream!

  • More Profitable - When less of your time and money are required, the profit margins will just tend to be higher!

How The Worms Win

  • Less Crowding - Worm densities end up much closer to "productive natural" levels, and the worms aren't forced into sterile bedding materials prior to sale.

  • Less Handling - There is no machine harvesting needed (or much harvesting in general), so less chance the worms will be harmed.

  • Less New-System-Stress - The worms bring their "home" with them so it is much easier to adjust to their new system, even when customers make mistakes.

Worm Mix starter cultures offer the perfect little foot-in-the-door start-up model or add-on strategy for anyone interested in earning with worms!

Getting Started With Worm Mix

As simple, and even "easy" as the Worm Mix concept is, there are a lot of nuances and plenty of pitfalls for anyone attempting this approach.

If you are assuming this is just about tossing some wormy material in a bag, handing it over to the customer and calling it a day, you're dead wrong!

Over the course of nearly 15 years of selling Worm Mix, I've continued to refine my own methods - most recently coming up with my "Worm Mix Batch" approach - and I've watched as various others have attempted their own versions and failed (sometimes pretty miserably).

I decided it was time to put together an educational package that not only teaches my most up-to-date methods, but one that also offers a solid education in another critical area - sales & marketing!


What You Get:

  • Easy Worm Farming eBook - 135 page, no-fluff guide that teaches you how to produce and promote Worm Mix starter cultures.
  • Easy Worm Farming Quick-Start Guide - Compact overview of the KEY methods and materials of the Worm Mix Batch method.
  • EWF Educational Email Series & Updates - Learn about important concepts and ideas via e-mail lessons, and stay in the loop about any news/updates relating to the package.
  • Helpful Resources Library - Additional guides that will help you master the fundamentals.
  • Done-For-You Educational Series - I've created a Worm Mix educational series you can use freely. It's perfect as an add-on bonus for those who purchase your starter cultures.
  • Red Worm Population Growth Estimator - I created this tool to help me predict how fast my worm populations will grow. (Includes training)
  • Suburban Worm Farmer Vault - SWF was my original Worm Mix training course and I'm including all the relevant audio lessons for EWF members.
  • Web Business Training Resources - Building an online presence is often one of the major challenges of new worm farmers. I've included mini-courses focused on website and e-mail list building, along with other helpful training (and more on the way).
  • "Critter Biz" Bonus Report - Inspired by the amazing success of my friend Sean's business, this small guide shares ways you can earn additional income from various other organisms commonly found in your starter cultures.
  • Unlimited Support & All Future Add-Ons - I'm always available to assist my students in any way I can (ask as many questions as you like), and always include future updates and add-ons at no additional charge.

So, How Much Does it Cost?

Only $27

I want to make this package - and the Worm Mix Batch concept - as accessible to as many people as I possible can. Even if you only apply a small amount of what you learn, you should be able to easily earn back your small investment!

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My "30+60" Iron-Clad Guarantee

Let me make this even more of a no-brainer. I stand behind ALL my educational products – and want to see my customers actually succeed! I’m giving you a full 30 days just for your initial evaluation of Easy Worm Farming.

Feel free to pepper me with any and all questions you have, and I am more than happy to do what I can to help you get the ball rolling with your own Worm Mix production.

After that, you still have a ANOTHER 60 DAYS to decide if Easy Worm Farming is for you (and of course you can continue to get all the support you need)! Yep, that's a total of 90 days.

What Others Have Said About My Work

"I’ve purchased several of Bentley’s courses over the years (along with most of the offerings available from others) and continue to be impressed with both the content and the value that he offers. Bentley’s love for all things worm is apparent in everything he produces.."

~ Ben R. - Lyons CO

"I’ve done a few classes with Bentley. I find they have all proven to be highly valuable information, that leaves me with a thirst for knowledge. His natural “worm mix” approach to vermiculture just makes sense. Providing the worms what they need in the most natural way. Bentley is an amazing teacher, extremely patient, and a humble guy. He’s extremely easy to approach with any and all questions ( mine might have been a little excessive 🤣). He never made me feel like I was bothering him, a true teacher. He provides a rich array of materials in various formats to accommodate any type of learner, which makes his teaching style right up my alley. I would highly recommend any and all of his courses and learning materials."

~ Kelly E. - Ottawa, CANADA

"I think I have been in at or near the ground level of most of your major projects over the years and that is because you have great ideas and I believe in you and the things you are working to accomplish. You have had an enormous impact on the world of vermiculture and inspired many people, my friend."

~ Trent H.

"I have embraced your worm mix concept as the best method to get people involved and have them be successful with worms both as a composting method for their food scraps and a source of casting for all their plants. When you sell them a worm kit as I do, with a plastic tub filled with mature worms, juveniles and cocoons along with all the rich living material they have been raised in, you start a conversation explaining the benefits of purchasing a complete worm mix and can lead them to the resources they need to accomplish the goals that they have in mind. Along with the material to succeed you give them the knowledge to succeed.

I really appreciate all the information that you have shared about your experiences and results of your various methods of raising worms.The knowledge I have gained has been a major factor in the way I have structured my business model and one of the reasons I have been so pleased with my progress in the worm business. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to your continued educational contributions."

~ Frank Dean - Cortez CO - 4 Corner Worm Farm


"What Exactly IS Worm Mix?"

Worm Mix, as I define it, is a vermicomposting starter culture that contains loads of worms (of all ages & sizes), usually lots of cocoons, and an entire ecosystem of other beneficial organism - all contained in a generous amount of rich, living habitat material. It offers a fantastic way to start up a brand new vermicomposting system.

“How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?”

The costs involved in getting started with the Worm Mix (Batch) approach will vary based on what type of bins you decide to use, how many you start with, and whether or not you already have your own worm population to draw from. If you do have worms and will just start with a handful of bins you should be able to get started for $50 or less. If you want to get more serious and/or you are starting completely from scratch, your costs will go up from there. What’s great is that once the bins are paid for, the ongoing costs should be quite low (and Worm Mix sales will obviously offset those).

“How Much Can I Make?”

If you went with a very modest 7 bins/week set up schedule, and sold batches of Worm Mix for $30 each (how much you charge will depend on multiple factors but this is a reasonable estimate) you could potentially earn as much as $840/mo. 14 bins/week – $1680/mo. NOTE: using the bins I recommend, the total number of bins required at the 14 bin/week level should only take up about 27 sq ft of floor space. These might not seem earth-shattering income numbers – but keep in mind there is plenty of potential for ramping things up further, and of course diversifying your product line-up over time!

“How Long Does This Take?”

Worm Mix production times can depend of the type of Worm Mix you are producing, the materials you are using (and how you set things up), and of course ambient conditions. There are hybrid approaches that can be as little as 3 to 4 weeks – but my typical recommendation for Worm Mix Batch bins (in climate controlled environment) is 2 to 3 months. With the minimal management required, you will likely be amazed by how quickly that time can pass – and the key idea is to make sure you are regularly setting up new systems so you have a steady, ongoing supply.

“How Many Worms Will Be In My Worm Mix?”

Once again, this depends on conditions and various other key factors. Of course, it also depends on the number of worms you start your cultures with. Just to provide some perspective, in terms of what's possible, I concluded a population growth trial in January 2023. I started with 25 adult Red Worms in a system quite similar to my typical Worm Mix Batch bins, and after 11 weeks ended up with at least* 193 adults, 1656 juveniles, and 476 cocoons! With Worm Mix production I recommend starting with more than 25 worms - and even if you only ended up with a fraction of that sort of productivity, you can see how easy it is to end up with a very rich culture of worms! *I say "at least" because that's as far as I got with the counting - I know for sure there were many more juveniles and cocoons hidden in the habitat material.

“Can I Do This Outside?”

Outdoor Worm Mix Production is absolutely possible (that’s how I did it for years), but the Worm Mix Batch approach is intended as an indoor strategy. Your results will be far more consistent and predictable in a climate-controlled environment. Which leads us to the next question…

“How Much Space Will My Bins Take Up?”

Using the bins I recommend, and a 14 bin/week set-up schedule (mentioned earlier), the total amount of floor space needed should be less than 30 sq ft. In other words, you likely wouldn’t even need to dedicate an entire room to your little operation. Other types of bins will likely use up more space, but you should still be able to keep things manageable. A basement can be a good option, as long as it doesn’t get too cool in the winter.

“How Do I Harvest the Worm Castings?”

The Worm Mix Batch approach is strictly intended as a starter culture production method. Any castings produced get passed along to your customer as part of the rich, habitat material. This is actually an amazing, somewhat-under-the-radar benefit of a Worm Mix. Your customers will likely be able to perform their first castings harvest a lot sooner than if they had just started their system with typical bulk worms!

"Don't You Need At Least 1 lb of Worms?"

The idea that you need at least a pound of worms to start a worm bin is a widely-shared MYTH! (The conspiracy-theorist in me thinks it was started by worm farmers wanting to sell more worms - lol) In fact, I would argue - and have seen plenty of proof - that the absolute best way to stock a new system is actually with worm-rich material from another system, not bulk worms in sterile bedding! The worms will settle into their new system much more easily and will be ideally positioned for a rapid population explosion, not the usual early die-back you often see with stressed out bulk worms.

"What Happens After I Place My Order?"

Immediately after joining you should be taken to a thank-you page, and you should receive several important e-mails: 1) An order receipt, 2) An e-mail re: how to access the CG Portal member area (where you can access Easy Worm Farming), and 3) A welcome e-mail from the EWF e-mail list. If you encounter any problems, or have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help!

Ready to Get Started with Worm Mix?

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Just in Case You Don't Know Me From Adam ;-)

My name is Bentley "Compost Guy" Christie and I've been educating countless people about vermicomposting and vermiculture for well over 15 years. The "Worm Mix" concept literally saved my own small worm biz back in 2009 - and I'm confident it can be a game changer for you as well!

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