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One of the major challenges of being an online education & entrepreneur - especially when you're not a computer genius - is all the tech involved. Over the years, things have gotten "easier" many ways - but also more complex.

There are so many different tools and platforms to choose from. Figuring out which ones to use, how to use them, how to maintain them, and how to connect them all, can be an exercise in frustration and overwhelm.

In late 2022, I learned about an "all-in-one" platform called Systeme. Naturally, I was skeptical at first (as I am with anything that claims to offer "it all"), but when a trusted mentor said he had moved his entire 30,000 subscriber e-mail list over to it, I sat up and took notice.

I've been "playing" with it ever since, and loving it more and more with each passing day!

Me being me (an educator at heart), I want to share my (SIO) knowledge/experience - hopefully helping a lot more people get as much from the platform as I have.

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Learn What SIO Can Do For You!


In a nutshell, it's an amazing multi-functional, online business-building (and educational) platform.

You can use it to:

  • Build an e-mail list
  • Create marketing funnels
  • Build websites, and landing pages
  • Promote affiliate offers
  • Sell your products
  • Create your own affiliate program
  • Create/sell your own courses or memberships.
  • And so much more! (sorry, couldn't resist - lol)

WHY Use It?

Simplicity - Ease of Use - Functionality

I've tested out countless tools and platforms during my (nearly 20) years online, and - more often than not - I've ended up disappointed. Even with tools I've loved, just trying to piece everything together into some form of cohesive whole has always been a challenging process.

With Systeme, you've got most of the bases covered under ONE roof!

Another major selling point for me was generous "freemium" tier that they offer. Unlike other platforms that only have trial periods, or greatly limited functionality for their free plan, SIO lets you test out almost everything without paying a cent (literally the only exception is their "evergreen webinars", which aren't even included with the first paid tier).

WHO is Systeme For?

Pretty well any solopreneur, small-business owner or educator looking for a way to build (or further develop) their personal brand, and make more of an impact online.

For people with well-established websites, SIO can serve as a way to build and serve your audience even better, and drive more sales (assuming you have a business focus). For those just getting started, this platform can greatly help you get your foot in the door, and build up some momentum without spending a fortune or ending up completely overwhelmed.

HOW I've Been Using SIO

For years I have relied on WordPress as my go-to choice for building all my online pages. It has served me well, but it has also bogged me down more and more over time. Multiple installations (and log-ins), choosing the right template / page-builder, all the necessary plugins, all the maintenance and upkeep, trying to get pages looking the way I want them has felt like an endless slog, keeping me from the work that really matters. The education, the connection with my audience, the overall, big-picture-brand-building efforts that can mean the difference between being respected and being ignored.

I got started with SIO pretty slowly, just testing it out and playing around to see what I could do - but I very quickly fell in love with the page builder! Before long I was building lots of new pages (like the one you're on right now), re-building plenty of my existing pages, and learning as much as I could along the way.

Things I Love

Here are just some of the features I'm loving:

  • The incredibly-easy-to-use (and fast) page builder
  • Ability to quickly edit the look-and-feel of pages for mobile viewing
  • Easy duplication/saving of pages, sections and individual elements
  • The logout content-protection feature (subtle but brilliant!)
  • Built-in e-mail list and course-building functionality
  • Talented people taking care of updates, add-ons, maintenance & security (HUGE)
  • The fantastic, recurring-commission affiliate program
  • Great customer support (exact same whether you have free or paid account)
  • New features/improvements added very regularly
  • The fact that you can test nearly all the features with the free plan
  • Unlimited file storage & sharing (rarely see this with low-cost software platforms)

Is It Absolutely Perfect In Every Way?

Of course not. No tool ever is. But like I said, I've tested a LOT of them over the years - and this one has impressed me more than many others.

If you want to get the full low-down on the awesome features - as well as the limitations - of, and how I'm putting it to good use, be sure to get signed up for my SIO e-mail list!

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