Educational Products

Produce rich, biologically-active castings with less effort!

In this multi-lesson audio course I share my methods for setting up and maintaining passive and semi-passive systems. It's a much more natural approach that takes advantages of the composting worms adaptations & abilities.

Price: FREE

This educational package explores the topic of producing and marketing composting worm starter cultures (what I call "Worm Mix"). This is a great business model for anyone just starting out, or add-on strategy for those already in the game. It's a much more natural approach with great benefits for the worm farmer, the customers, and the worms!

Price: $27

This educational product bundle and membership is designed for anyone who wants to take their vermicomposting and/or vermiculture efforts to the next level. It includes The Walking Windrow Project, Trench Vermicomposting, The Suburban Worm Farmer, Easy Vermicomposting, and The VermBin Series Plans package, among other resources.

Price: $47

The WFA is a private community designed for those wanting to start or further develop a worm farming business. Get help and mentorship from others who have gone before you, so you can avoid a lot of the common pitfalls and frustration!

Price: $67 (lifetime access)

This eBook package features an in-depth interview with large-scale Australian worm farming pro, George Mingin. George doesn't hold back - sharing an incredible wealth of insider information about how he's become so successful at growing composting worms (among other topics).

Price: $19

This package features plans for wooden, DIY continuous-flow bins known of the "VermBin" series. Three different size options - VB24, VB48, and VB96. Includes a report about my own VB48 building/usage experience.

Price: $14

Other Ways to Support My Work

If you are interested in some other ways you can support my educational work, feel free to peruse the list below.

If you'd like to make a monetary contribution without actually buying anything, feel free to take advantage of the new Compost Guy donation page.

Need help with anything relating to vermicomposting, vermiculture, worm farming as a business, or online entrenreneurship? Let's chat!

Affiliate Partnerships

If you live in the continental USA and are in the market for composting worms, I highly recommend buying from Meme's Worms, owned and operated by my good friend Samantha Flowers. Apart from composting worms, you'll find a wide range of other great worm-related products as well!

This course and membership package was created by my good friend, Larry Shier. It is well-suited for anyone who wants to get serious about growing worms in a more traditional manner (i.e. for bulk sales).

It is more expensive than some other worm farming educational products, but the success of Larry's students (and resulting testimonials) speaks for itself. Use coupon code RWC-20 for 20% off! NOTE: There is a 40% off discount available for members of the WFA (feel free to get in touch via the "Questions" button below for more info).

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