Professional Worm Growing Secrets

Grow More Worms in Less Space!

A worm growing veteran shares the advanced, step-by-step, space-saving vermiculture methods he perfected over the course of 20+ years.

The Curse of Worm Farming

Successful worm farmers are notoriously secretive. They keep to themselves. They don’t write blog posts about “worm growing”. They don’t hold seminars. Don’t post on public forums. They don’t (usually) create guides or courses.

They stick to what they are good at – growing and selling worms.

On the internet, it seems that he/she who ‘shouts the loudest’ gets to be the “expert”. Sometimes this is warranted…other times, not so much!

So there is a LOT of mediocre, misleading, or flat-out wrong information about worm growing (and worm farming in general) floating around online.

It’s a rare day when a veteran worm farming pro is willing to come forward and share some of his best insider information.

But…(at the risk of sounding super cheesey)

that day has arrived!

Meet George Mingin

George Mingin is the owner of Kookaburra Worm Farms, one of the largest worm farming operations in Australia. His most recent production figures were in the range of 12 tons of composting worms per year.

The man knows a thing or two about vermiculture!

In the fall of 2011, George joined the Worm Farming Alliance, and then proceeded to blow everyone’s mind with the quality of “insider” information he was sharing freely on the private members forum. In early 2012, I approached him about the possibility of putting together a guide based on his vast bank of knowledge and experience.

Initially George was skeptical and resistant, but I persisted and eventually won him over.

Long-story-short, after some lengthy delays along the way (with me creating the bottleneck every single time), we finally managed to launch our “early first edition” of Professional Worm Growing Secrets to the Worm Farming Alliance e-mail list in December ’14.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

Once the dust had settled, I realized that about 40% of our active members bought the guide! (Even if you have no “sales” experience, I’m sure you’ll realize that’s pretty remarkable) I don’t share this to brag, but rather as a testament to the fact that people LOVE the quality of information George shares!

On a related note…

The Feedback Has Been Fantastic!

Here are just a few nice things people had to say:

“…actionable knowledge you can use now”

Most guidance on growing and marketing worms is theoretical. But Bentley and George give you actionable knowledge you can use now, and the worm breeding methodology George reveals is, bar none, the best A-Z how-to guide to worm growing I’ve ever read. Save yourself the money on Amazon. The Professional Worm Growing Secrets (Guide/PDF) is where it’s at.

Steve Churchill

Urban Worm Company

“I LOVED this guide!“

I LOVED this guide! I’ve been worm farming for about 5 years now, and George’s systematic approach really puts mine to shame. The level of detail shared was fantastic. Thank you so much!

Marco Adriano

Urban Vermicomposting


“…this is awesome stuff!”

Bentley, this is awesome stuff! I love how you are putting this together. It really has my mind spinning with ideas.

Steve Neitzke

Fortuna, CA

“I would have gladly paid $60…”

You guys are undercharging for this information. I would have gladly paid $60 just for what I’ve gotten from the Q&A so far!

Gregg Wetterman

Bruceville, TX

Why Mastering Vermiculture Can Improve Your Vermicomposting

Many people use the terms “vermiculture” and “vermicomposting” interchangeably. Not a big deal, but it’s important to make the distinction here.

Vermiculture refers specifically to the breeding and raising of worms. Basically the same thing as “worm farming”. The focus is on worm production rather than on waste-reduction or castings production.

Vermicomposting, as the name implies, is more focused on converting organic wastes into rich (some would argue the “richest”) compost.

What’s funny, and never ceases to amaze this “biology geek”, is that a lot of vermicomposters seem to FORGET ABOUT THE WORMS…or at least fail to learn all the ins and outs of taking good care of them.

REMEMBER: Worms are the ‘pistons’ in your vermicomposting ‘engine’! When you really learn how to care for them, effective vermicomposting becomes a lot easier!

That being said…

This Guide Isn't Necessarily for Everyone!

I need to be totally honest here.

Professional Worm Growing Secrets is intended for those who are pretty serious about vermiculture and/or vermicomposting.

If you are a hobbyist looking for helpful beginner vermicomposting information, there is no need to part with your hard-earned money today. In fact, just drop me an email, and I’ll be more than happy to get you pointed in the right direction.

The good news for those who aren’t sure…

…is that this is a completely risk-free offer!

But we’ll come back to that in a minute.

Here's a Tiny Sampling of What's Inside:

  • The 4 KEY requirements for becoming truly successful in vermiculture (actually 5 – since I nudged another one out of George! lol)

  • How to grow Alabama Jumpers successfully indoors. (This is the only reliable information I've seen written on the topic)

  • The secrets to growing “LOTS” of Red Worms and “BIG” Red Worms (Includes instructions for setting up a 4,500 Red Worms per week growing operation in a tiny 9 ft x 9 ft space.)

  • A strange, but surprisingly-simply way to boost Red Worm embryo counts in cocoons.

  • How George turned "lemons into lemonade” by selling off gobs of “pest” worms to an eager repeat customer.

  • Weird worm-food recipes that work like gangbusters!

  • Supplemental information for growing European Nightcrawlers (NOT included in the original guide).

And Unlike Your Favorite "Real" Books...

This E-Book:

  • Is available for download within minutes of your order.

  • Can be carried around with you wherever you go for easy reference (download to your phone or tablet and away you go).

  • Includes a special member’s area with other helpful resources.

  • Even has a private Facebook discussion group where you can ask questions and interact with other members!

This Guide Will Pay For Itself. Guaranteed!

Even if you don’t plan to sell any of the worms that you grow (probably the coolest little side business you can imagine…but I may be biased! lol), Professional Worm Growing Secrets should still be seen as an investment.

Whether it’s time or money at stake, when you head down the wrong path based faulty guidance, it can end up being a frustrating WASTE!

George and I have decades of combined experience under our belts (and in complementary areas as well) – and we both get a real kick out of helping others succeed in this field.

And unlike many of the “worm farming opportunities” floating around over the years, we’re not going to charge you an arm and a leg…and then vanish off into the night! That’s the sort of despicable behavior that gives this industry a bad name!

So, How Much Does It Cost?

Only $19


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Let's Make This a Complete No-Brainer!

Even apart from my cruel-and-unusual, mandatory discount (haha), and the fact that the proprietary information shared in Professional Worm Growing Secrets, alone, is easily worth the price we’re asking…

I really want to over-deliver by combining the guide with my original Worm Profits Course.


Well, we’ve established that George is a world-class worm grower, and there’s no doubt that he knows what it takes to run a serious, large-scale vermiculture operation. But some of the methods/advice shared in the guide may seem a little intimidating to someone just starting out, or to someone simply looking to set up a small hobby business.

The guide also doesn’t really provide much information about how to actually drive sales (a hugely important, yet often ignored part of starting you own worm biz).

This is where Worm Profits comes in!

I created the Worm Profits package based on my own personal experience developing a tiny (yet surprisingly profitable) “suburban” worm farming business up here in Canada. It’s an incredibly-honest look at many of the (painful) lessons I learned, along with the triumphs, once I finally figured out how to make it work. It also includes a fair amount of information relating to promoting your business online – a topic I happen to be very passionate (and knowledgeable) about!

It’s definitely NOT a typical worm farming “how-to” type of course…

…and one focus that is noticeably absent is any sort of serious step-by-step worm growing information!

As such, Worm Profits and Professional Worm Growing Secrets, together, offer a very well-rounded worm farming business education!

Ok, Let's Review the Key Details...

  • Apart from George's amazing interview (eBook) and supplemental Euro growing information, you are also getting access to my Worm Profits course.

  • These are digital information products that will be available within minutes of placing your order (inside the designated member's area). Nothing is going to be mailed to you!

  • Both of these resources are now a number of years old - but much of the information is every bit as relevant today as it was when first published. Apart from that, we are still here for you - and happy to answer any questions you have!

  • For now, I am insisting that everyone gets an additional 30% off of the already super-low price (haha)!

My 100% Happiness Guarantee

I stand behind ALL my educational products and Professional Worm Growing Secrets is no exception. You have a full 60 days to read, listen (Worm Profits), and soak up as much valuable information as you can, while deciding if you've made a good investment.

During that time please feel free to grill us with any and all questions you have, and we will do our very best to assist you in any way we can.

If you somehow feel you haven't received at least as much value as the price you paid (most people get far more) - I will happily issue you a full refund. No harm, no foul, and we can still be friends!


“How Much Money Can I Make?”

There are many different factors involved in determining what sort of income you can expect from a worm farming business - and unfortunately no guarantees you will make any money. Like any business, you will need a strong work ethic, patience, and just generally a certain level of "blood, sweat and tears" in order to succeed. That being said, George does include some potential-income estimates for a small-scale set-up in the "upper $100's per month" range. Scaling up, diversifying your product line-up (eg. also selling worm starter cultures, castings etc) can easily help you boost those numbers substantially.

"Can I Do This Outdoors?"

Technically, yes - but climate-control is a hugely important aspect of this type of systematic, effective worm production. Outdoors you are at the mercy of whatever the climatic conditions happen to be, along with all manner of pests and other problematic organisms. If you operate outdoors (even in a shed or garage without sufficient climate control) you will need to accept the fact that you won't likely achieve the same production numbers George shares.

"How Much Space is Needed?"

This will depend on how serious you want to get, but you should expect to occupy at least part of a typical room in a house. For example, George outlines a Red Worm growing set-up that requires about 3 meters x 3 meters (~ 97 sq ft).

“How Is This Different From Larry Shier's Elite Course?”

I think it is safe to say that it was Professional Worm Growing Secrets that originally inspired Larry to put together his own worm breeding package (Elite Worm Breeding*) back in 2018. Larry's program is definitely more in-depth - featuring video lessons and other resources, along with an active membership community - but it is also substantially more expensive (although discounts are available - see my note below). Which resource is better for you will depend on how seriously you want to jump into all this right away, and what sort of budget you have for getting started.

“What Happens After I Place My Order?”

You should: 1) Be immediately redirected to a success/thank-you page, 2) Receive two important e-mails; a receipt for your purchase, and one inviting you to register for the member area. If you encounter ANY challenges, please reach out (bentley @ compostguy .com - no spaces)

"Why Are You Charging So Little?"

There several reasons for this: 1) As mentioned, these resources were first released a number of years ago (and while still fully supported, won't likely be updated further), 2) I love making high-quality information available to as many people as possible, and 3) I'm a bit selfish in that I (not-so) secretly want people to really value the content and get excited about other educational products I have available! ;-)

"How is Worm Profits Different From Easy Worm Farming?"

Both of these resources focus on my small business selling (primarily) composting worm starter cultures ("Worm Mix"). Easy Worm Farming is much newer (released in fall 2022), focusing mainly on my "Worm Mix Batch" method for systematically producing starter cultures indoors. While the Worm Mix info in Worm Profits is somewhat out of date, there is still plenty of valuable information relating to starting and operating this type of business in general.

"Do You Have an Affiliate Program?"

Absolutely, and I especially welcome customers since they will be in the best position to promote the package effectively. Like all my programs, the Pro Worm Growing Secrets package offers a 50% commission for any sales you refer. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to get in touch using the button below.

*You can learn a bit more about Elite Worm Breeding (including discounts available) by clicking >>HERE<<.

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Just in Case You Don't Know Me From Adam ;-)

My name is Bentley "Compost Guy" Christie and I've been educating countless people about vermicomposting and vermiculture for well over 15 years. Few things get me as pumped up as being able to share my knowledge and experience with others interested in learning the ways of the "lowly" worm!

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